Shaz Creations

About Me

It all started after I lost one of my favorite earrings. I had purchased it from a street artist in San Sebastian, Spain. I searched for a replacement, to no avail. After researching how to make a pair that looked like them. I bought some supplies, and I was off. Now, after teaching high school and middle school English for 20 years, I have started pursuing my creative passions. It’s addicting and fun! While teaching, I even facilitated a jewelry making elective. People started complimenting me on my pendants and earrings, so I made some as gifts. In my home, I have dedicated a room for jewelry making and painting. 

My actual goal is to have jewelry parties because I love socializing and meeting people. One wakeful night, I got the idea of donating 30% of my proceeds to the Weidemann-Steiner Syndrome Foundation (WSS) ( WSS is a VERY RARE genetic mutation that my 18 month old grandson was diagnosed with. Hence this new hobby/business now has taken on a significant mission. For more info see:

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